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For being able to work in Canada on temporary basis, you must

  • Fulfill Canadian entry requirements
  • Meet requirements to stay in the country
  • Possess a temporary work visa by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
  • Have an employment offer from a Canadian employer
  • Apply via an 'Open Work' permit, if you're applying for a PR card
  • Produce a job offer letter from a Canadian employer that includes details, such a job title, job description, start and end dates, compensation specifics and name and address of the employer

Employers also need to meet basic requirements to hire you. They need to get a Labour Market Opinion (LMO), a document given by the Government of Canada that gives Canadian employers permission to hire foreign workers, to hire you.

You will not need an LMO, if you

  • Are a computer professional
  • Hold a Canadian study permit
  • Are a spouse of highly skilled worker
  • Are an American or a Mexican citizen, whose occupation falls under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

What to Keep in Mind?

Your spouse or common law partner or dependent children can also apply to come to Canada to live with you. Your spouse can also apply for a work permit is he/she wants to work in Canada. However, they must meet the same requirements that you do.

They can also apply for an 'Open Work' permit, if you

•   Approved to work in Canada for more than six months

•   Meet a minimum skill level

•   Are doing a job at NOC skill level 0, A or B

Live-in caregivers can also apply to stay with you in Canada

You may also need a visitor visa and must qualify under an immigration category, as work permit is not sufficient to immigrate to and live in Canada on permanent basis

Your application is sent to the Centralized Intake Office, if you're applying from within Canada. However, if you're applying from outside Canada, it is sent to the Ottawa Case Processing Pilot Centre.

Open Work Permits

Open work permits are granted to those who have applied for permanent residence in Canada and are waiting for finalization of their application. In order to apply for this permit, you

  • Must be currently in Canada
  • Have a valid work permit
  • Must be a federal Skilled Worker Applicant, Canadian Experience Class Applicant, Federal Skilled Trades Program Applicant or a
  • Provincial Nominee
  • Have already received a positive decision on your permanent residence application

Who Do Not Require Canadian Work Permits?

You do not require Canadian work permits, if you are a

  • Foreign diplomat
  • Military personnel
  • Performing artist
  • Designated foreign trader (buyer and seller)
  • Ship or truck personnel
  • Athlete
  • Artist
  • Clergy
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Obtaining a work permit in Canada is very difficult, despite the country invites thousands of skilled professionals every year to work and settle in Canada. This is because the Canadian immigration standards are very high and fulfilling each and every requirement is really difficult.

Seeking legal expertise can help you easily navigate through the process. We are a team of ICCRC registered regulated immigration consultants who possess expertise in filing the applications in the most efficient way possible. Although the final decision is in the hands of immigration officers but our expertise may remarkably increase your chances of immigrating to Canada and working here.

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