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Canadian employers face continued challenges in sourcing qualified and experienced personnel for various job profiles. In such a scenario, recruiting professionals from foreign countries is becoming a viable option for them.

However, hiring foreign workers is not as simple as it seems. It involves a complex process of immigrating professionals from outside to Canada. There are several requirements that employers need to fulfil when immigrating people to Canada. They need to:

  • Become an approved sponsor by seeking approval from the Canadian Federal Government
  • Obtain a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) for each position that they wish to fill by hiring foreign workers. The LMO obtained proves that there is a need for a foreign worker and no Canadian can do the job or is available for doing the job.
  • Apply for a visa for their employee to immigrate him or her to Canada to enter, stay and work in the country

Why Seek Legal Assistance for Employee Sponsorship?

Coordinating any type of immigration, especially immigrating professionals and hiring them for specific job positions, is quite complex. A failure to properly process immigration application or seek LMO can have serious consequences on the credibility of a company. The employers may face serious civil liabilities, if anything goes wrong.

In such a scenario, it's important to seek legal assistance to ensure seamless transfer of employees by complying with Canadian immigration laws. It not only helps them avoid serious penalties that may result from violation of immigration laws but also helps in immigrating employees without any unnecessary hiccups. Moreover, instead of focusing on staff relocation, they can actually focus on their core business operations and let immigration consultants handle the migration of their employees.

On the top if it, the immigration laws are constantly evolving. And it's difficult for businesses to keep a track of changes in the law. The regulated immigration consultants stay abreast of the changes and can handle all the intricacies that may arise during immigration of employees to Canada.

How Can SPS Canada Immigration Help Canadian Employers in Employee Sponsorship?

SPS Canada Immigration Inc. assists both individuals and organizations with Canadian immigration and work permits. We are a team of regulated immigration consultants, registered with ICCRC, who are experts in suggesting a safe and quick route for employee mobility.

We help our clients in seeking LMO, becoming approved sponsors and applying for work visas for their employees. While they can focus on their business, we take care of all aspects of the entire process, ensuring smooth migration of employees. No matter what their corporate immigration needs are, we offer tailored solutions to them.

Getting started with us is extremely easy. Write to us or call us to speak with us. We will connect you to one of our immigration experts.