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We are a regulated Immigration practicing firm, providing tailored solutions & advice on matters related to Canadian immigration.

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Based in Ontario, we are a team of independent and licensed professionals, trained to practice the latest immigration law and regulations. We offer effective legal advice to individuals and their families to navigate through complex processes involved in immigrating to Canada. We have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to support you, in your decision to study, work, visit, relocate to the country or run a business in Canada.

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We have the expertise, knowledge and skills to guide you and advise you, whether you're looking to study, work in, visit or relocate to the country.

If you want to apply for Visitor Visa for Canada here are some easy ways!
Requirements for applying Canada Visitor Visa

Applying for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) If you want to visit Canada for tourism, to see family, or for a short business trip, you usually need a visitor visa. This applies to people from most countries who aren’t already permanent or temporary residents (like those with work or study permits). However, some countries […]

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Best and secured place in world to travel is Canada!
Canada is the Safest Travel Destination in 2024.

Canada secured the top rank as the safest place to travel in 2024. Canada is the safest place to travel in 2024 according to the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection report. Canada’s top rank is due to factors like good weather, low crime rates, and no discrimination. Travelers can freely explore Canada without facing problems. The […]

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how to get a job in Canada as a newcomer!
Guidance for Securing Your Initial Job Opportunity in Canada.

How to find a job as a newcomer in Canada People who recently came to Canada have a lot of potential for a great future. They can go to school, get a job, and have a satisfying career. However, moving to a new country and maybe learning a new language can be challenging. But with […]

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Extending of Work Permit for master's graduates!
Canada extends PG Work Permit to 3-years for all Master’s graduates!

Three-Year Work Permit Granted to master’s Students. International master’s students in programs under two years now qualify for a three-year work permit, marking a change from previous regulations tied to program length, reflecting recognition of their potential in the Canadian job market. Students in certain Canadian schools, which can accept international students, now qualify for […]

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Canada allows international students to work 30 hours per week.
Canada may allow international students to work 30 hours a week.

Canada Thinking About Allowing International Students to Work 30 Hours a Week. Canada is thinking about letting international students work more hours per week (up to 30) until April 2024. Currently, the full-time work policy (allowing 20+ hours) for eligible students is extended until then. It’s good news for students who rely on part-time jobs […]

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Best Courses in Ireland for Indian Students!
Popular Courses for Indian students to study in Ireland.

Top Courses in Ireland for International Students. Ireland has experienced significant growth in industries like finance, healthcare, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and technology in recent years. This growth happened because many big international companies decided to move their main offices to Ireland, attracted by the country’s low corporate tax rate of 12.5%. As a result, more jobs […]

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Canada Increased Rent by 10% in 2024!
Canada’s rent prices increased by 10% in January 2024!

Record-High Average Rent Hits Canada in 2024. In January 2024, the cost of renting homes in Canada reached a record high of $2,196, up 10% from the previous year, according to a Rentals.ca report. Vancouver had the highest average rent for a one-bedroom apartment at $2,700, followed by Burnaby at $2,600 and Toronto at $2,521. […]

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UK welcomes 3,000 visas for Indians on ballot system!
UK Introduces Ballot System for 3,000 Visas Targeted at Indian Professionals.

UK Giving 3,000 Visas to Indians Using a Ballot System. The United Kingdom is allowing Indian citizens, aged 18-30, to apply for visas under the India Young Professionals Scheme. This allows them to live, work, or study in the UK for up to two years. The UK is offering 3,000 visas, and there is a […]

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Changes in PGWP Canada
Changes to Rules for Post-Graduation Work Permit Announced by IRCC.

New Canada Post Graduation Work Permit Eligibility 2024 Canada has made important changes to the Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) starting February 15, 2024. These changes are because the government sees that people with master’s degrees can be helpful in finding jobs in Canada. Starting from September 1, 2024, students in certain programs won’t […]

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new Stream for Tourism to move Alberta.
New Way for People in Tourism to Move to Alberta Starting March 1st.

Alberta opens doors for tourism and hospitality jobs. From March 1, 2024, if you’re from another country, live and work in Alberta for a tourism or hospitality business, you can apply for the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) through the new Tourism and Hospitality Stream. To be eligible for the stream, candidates must: have been […]

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We are a regulated immigration practicing firm, providing advice and solutions on matters related to Canadian immigration.


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President & RCIC | Senior Immigration Practitioner

Pradyuman Jhala is the President & RCIC of SPS Canada Immigration and founder of the SPS Canada Group of Companies that includes SPS Canada Immigration, Student Placement Services Inc., SPS Canada Capital, SPS Canada Asset Corp. and South Asian International Student Association (SAISA). He is an active

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