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Immigration to Canada through Family Class Sponsorship

Family Class Sponsorship provides Canadian citizens with an opportunity to sponsor their family members living in another country to live with them in Canada and become the permanent residents of the country. The visas in the family class sponsorship category include:

  • Spousal Visa
  • Common-Law Partner Visa
  • Conjugal Partner Visa
  • Dependent Child/Children Visa
  • Parental and Grandparental Visa
  • Adopted Child/Children Visa

What is a Spousal Visa?

A spousal visa allows a Canadian national to sponsor his or her spouse along with their dependent child/children to live in Canada. However, the sponsor and the sponsored person

  • Must be legally married, which is legally recognized and valid by both the law of the home country and the Canadian law, and
  • Must intend to live together in the country upon arrival

Prerequisites for Sponsoring a Spouse

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary for a sponsor to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of the country, in order to sponsor his or her spouse. There are several other prerequisites to be eligible. A sponsor must

    • Be above the age of 18
Not be under a removal order of a permanent resident
  • Not be charged with any serious offence
  • Not be bankrupt
  • Enter into an agreement with the Canadian Government, agreeing to support his/her spouse for a certain amount of time
  • Be able to support his/her spouse, if necessary. Although a Canadian sponsor willing to bring his/her spouse to live in Canada and become a permanent resident of the country is exempted from financial requirements but they must provide for the spon sored partner for the period of 3 years, beginning from the date of their arrival in the country.
  • Intend to live in Canada after their spouse arrives in Canada

Sponsored Spouse

An applicant (sponsored person) of spousal visa must also fulfill eligibility requirements. A sponsored spouse must

  • Be above 16 years of age
  • Receive a sponsorship invitation from their partner in Canada
  • Not be accused of any serious offence in the home country
  • Intend to stay with their spouse on their arrival in Canada
  • Be willing to make an effort to support themselves

Rights of a Sponsored Spouse

A spouse who is granted a permanent residence under this class has the right to

  • Live, work, travel, study in the country for an indefinite period or until further notice
  • Access country's government-funded healthcare
  • Apply for a Canadian citizenship
Benefit from subsidized education
  • Enroll in government-funded language training programs
  • Seek assistance for finding employment in the country

In addition to the above, he or she is

  • Eligible for Canadian Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Entitled to Canadian Pension Plan benefits
  • Permitted to participate in retirement plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the immigration process take to complete?

    The processing time depends on the type of visa and the person-to-be-sponsored. Spouses are on priority and thus, their application may take at least a month. At most Canadian immigration offices, such applications are processed quickly and ahead of all other applications.

  2. What if the sponsor doesn't have the required financial ability?

    A sponsor is exempted from financial requirements but he or she must agree to provide for the basic needs, such as food, shelter and clothing and health needs that are not covered by public health services, of the sponsored spouse. These are called the "essential needs" that a sponsor must provide for.

  3. Is it necessary to appear for an interview prior to the issue of a spousal visa?

    It varies from case to case. A well prepared visa application reduces the need to appear for an interview prior to the issue of a spousal visa; however, it doesn't completely eliminate it. The citizenship and immigration authorities conduct interview when there is any issue or concern regarding the legitimacy or genuineness of the relationship claimed.

  4. What if a sponsorship application is refused?

    In case a sponsorship application is refused, an appeal can be made in the Immigration Adjudication Division within 30 days of refusal. It is better to contact a lawyer and seek assistance to ensure that your application stands the best chances of acceptance.

Need for Legal Help for Spousal Visa under Family Class Sponsorship

A spousal visa application may take really long even if the government considers the processing of such applications a priority. In addition, a single error or misrepresentation of information may lead to a refusal. It's important to seek legal hel p for a spousal visa, in order to

  • Ensure quick processing of a visa application
  • Reduce even the slightest chances of errors
  • Ensure that your application stands the best chance to be accepted
  • Make the entire process smooth
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