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What is a Permanent Resident Card?

A Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) is issued to you when you are granted Canadian permanent resident. It is the official proof that you're a permanent resident of the country. It is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and mailed to you once you have immigrated to the country as a permanent resident. It is valid for five years.

A PR Card is considered as a valid identity document if you're travelling to another country and returning on a commercial vehicle, such as a boat, bus, train or an airplane. This card allows you to re-enter Canada and stay in the country. However, this card is not required if you don't intend to leave Canada.

If you re-enter Canada in a private vehicle, like your own car, you can use your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence, which you must have got when you applied for a Canadian Visa from overseas or when you applied from within Canada when you landed at your local visa office. If you show these documents, you don't need a PR Card to re-enter Canada. However, you must apply for a PR Card with CIC if you wish to travel outside and return to Canada again.

Who is Eligible for a PR Card?

You are eligible for applying for a Permanent Resident Card if you

  • Are granted a permanent resident status
  • Are currently in Canada
  • Are not a Canadian citizen
  • Are not a registered Indian under the Indian Act
  • Have not been asked to leave the country by the Government of Canada

Who Does Not Need a PR Card?

You do not need a PR Card if

  • You're a Canadian citizen
  • You have become a Canadian citizen (you need to return your PR Card once you've obtained Canadian citizenship)

When to Apply for a PR Card?

A PR Card is mailed to you by CIC when you immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident. However, you will have to apply for one when

  • You don't receive it when it immigrate to Canada
  • Your card is lost, stolen or damaged
  • Your cared has expired or is about to expire

How to Get Your PR Card Renewed?

You will need to make a PR renewal application to CIC, if your card will expire soon. In this application, you will need to:

  • Mention your address in Canada
  • Give your work history for past five years
  • Disclose your plans to travel outside Canada

You do not need to submit your old PR Card along with the application.

Application Processing

Once you submit your application with CIC, an immigration officer reviews it and determines if you meet residency obligations. If you fulfill all the requirements, you are asked to pick up your new card from a local immigration office, within 180 days from the date of issuance of notice to pick your new card.

A PR Card renewal generally takes a few weeks. CIC, therefore, recommends you to make an application at least two months prior to expiry of your PR Card.

What If You Don't Meet Residency Obligations?

A PR Card renewal application is processed normally if you meet minimum physical presence in Canada. However, if you lived outside the country continuously for more than three years and didn't return to Canada, you may lose your Canadian permanent resident status.

A legal immigration Canadian consultant may help you make an application to CIC by giving compelling reasons for why it wasn't possible for you to stay in Canada all these years, to convince the immigration officer. However, the final decision lies with the authority but the chances of renewal increase to a great extent if you seek legal assistance.

What If Your PR Card is Lost, Stolen or Damaged?

If your PR Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you will need to let CIC know about it. You may contact their Call Centre to let them know about it. After that you'll need to apply for a new card. You will need to fill section G of the application form and provide all required supporting, including photographs and fee.

Alternately, you may seek legal assistance and get your application filed and processed quickly. The regulated immigration consultants are experts in handling such situations with ease.

What If Your Card Expires When You Are Outside Canada?

You will need to obtain a travel document from a Canadian office abroad, in order to re-enter Canada if your PR Card expires when you are outside of country. If you're able to prove that you resided in Canada for at least two years, the Canadian office will most likely issue you the travel document.

However, if you have been outside of Canada for more than two years, it may be very difficult to get a travel document. In such a situation, you may consider seeking professional help. An expert regulated immigration consultant in Canada may help you navigate through this situation smoothly.

Whether you'll be granted a travel document or not completely depends upon the immigration officer but legal assistance can increase the chances of success.

What If Your PR Card Renewal Application is Refused?

There can be many reasons that lead to refusal of your PR Card application, such as

  • You have not been in Canada for more than two years or 730 days
Your application is incomplete or missing information
  • You don't submit all required supporting documents
  • You don't follow photograph specifications

You may appeal to Immigration Appeal Division in Canada if your PR Card renewal application is refused within 60 days of receiving the refusal. Whether the decision to deny your application was correct or not will be decided by the Immigration Appeal Division in Canada during the hearing of your case. You may support your case with new documentations and submissions along with additional humanitarian and compassionate arguments.

  • If you're outside Canada when your application is refused, you can make a request to return to the country for your appeal. If your appeal to Immigration Appeal Division is unsuccessful, you may further appeal to the Federal Court in Canada.

Point to be remembered: The right to appeal is not automatic. You will need to make an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division to hold a hearing for your case.

What If You Need an Urgent Processing of a Permanent Resident Card?

There can be many situations when you may want an urgent processing of a PR Card application. These may include:

  • Need to travel urgently
  • Lost PR status
  • Can't re-enter Canada
  • Family emergency

In case you need to travel urgently and your travel date is in more than three weeks away, you can send a filled application form to CIC with 'Urgent – Proof of Travel Included' on the envelope, along with required supporting, including:

  • Your personal information
  • Proof of payment (date, amount and mode of payment)
  • Proof of travel (destination and dates of travelling, along with a photocopy of proof of travel and proof of payment)

In case you need to travel urgently and your travel date is in less than three months, CIC doesn't process PR Card renewal application. Here you will need to know how to return to Canada without a PR Card.

For rest of the situations, it will be best to seek professional assistance. Regulated immigration consultants can offer you much needed assistance.

Is It Important to Seek Professional Help with Your PR Card Renewal Application?

The process for applying for a PR Card renewal may seem simple but it is complex and even the slightest error may lead to refusal. If you're outside Canada, then risk of being denied an entry to the country is greater and you may lose your permanent residence status.

It's important to seek professional help while preparing your PR Card renewal application as well as seeking an entry in Canada.

Why Hire SPS Canada Immigration Inc. to Help You with Your PR Card Renewal Application?

As mentioned earlier PR Card renewal is too complex, given that there are so many regulations and legal formalities involved in the process. SPS Canada Immigration Inc. is a team of regulated immigration consultants who are experts in assisting people with their PR Card renewal application.

So, no matter how complex your case is and whether your situation is urgent or not, we have tailored solutions for all your PR Card renewal needs. We assess your case and suggest you the best course of action.

You can let us know your situation by either writing to us or calling us. You may also fill out our free online immigration assessment form. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your eligibility status. Even if you're not eligible, don't worry. We can help!