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Canada in 2023, step by step guide on Work Permit Canada

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January 2, 2023

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Naju Gadhavi

Work in Canada in 2023

Canada has a plethora of options to migrate to the country in both temporary and permanent residency, from recent studies, we found that 432,000 new immigrants migrated to Canada last year, looking for different ways to live and settle in the country.


Why People Migrate to Canada from India

Canada has ranked in a list of the top ten safest countries, also people who have migrated believe Canada gives you an excellent quality of life, and simultaneously Canada needs skilled workers from all over the world. As there are different routes to migrate to the country i.e Study visa, Business/investors visa, Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, Family Class sponsorship, and Work Visa.

Let’s learn more about What is a work permit and why do you need it?

When you are looking for different routes to move to Canada, working in Canada can be a perfect option for you.

When do you need a work permit?

If you want to work in Canada without a permanent residency or citizenship you will need a work permit, it is provided by an immigration officer to anyone who is outside of Canada, who is not a Canadian citizen, or a permanent residency to be able to work legally in Canada.

What are the different types of work permits for Canada

Most foreign workers need a work permit to work in Canada and there are 2 types of work permit

1. Closed work permit /Employer-specific work permit

An Employer- Specific work permit allows you to work in Canada according to the specific conditions provided on your work permit like

  • The name of a specific employer/ company you will work for
  • The tenure you can work
  • The location where you can work

2. Open work permit is more flexible as it allows you to work in Canada for any employer you wish for (Except for some specific)

Even when you come with any of these two work permits you need to take care of the following requirements:

Requirements for applicants for a Work permit Canada.

  • Convince the visa officer that you will leave the country once your work permit expires.
  • Show that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members and their expenses during your stay in Canada.
  • Obey Canadian Law and order, as the government can ask for the police clearance certificate
  • Not to be a danger to Canada’s security.
  • Be in a good health and have a medical examination done before you apply for your visa.

What is LMIA and how It helps you with your Work Permit Application?

A Labour Market Impact Assessment known as LMIA is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker, a positive LMIA also sometimes known as a confirmation letter indicates that there is no Canadian citizen or a permanent resident to fill the position and therefore, they need to hire an international worker to be the part of the organization.

When is LMIA not required?

In several situations there are times when the Canadian Government grants you a work permit but exempts you from having an LMIA, such type of work permit is called an LMIA-exempt work permit.

Those jobs mostly bring significant benefits to the Country and therefore they are exempt from the LMIA document.

What are the essential Documents required for your Canadian Work Permit?

Generally, the documents you require for your work permit depend upon the permit you are required.

-Complete Application form

-Labour Market Impact Assessment (if required)

-Original Offer letter of the employee


-Marriage Certificate

-Proof that you meet the Job Requirements

– Valid copy of your Passport with a planned date of arrival

-Your education documents, results, and other certificates (Just translating the documents would not be enough, you also need to notarize them too).

-Proof of financial documents supporting your stay in Canada and return to your own country.

-Proof that the Government Fees are paid.

-Recent Passport-sized photograph.

If you need more guidance with your Work permit application Book your First Free Consultation with our Experts in Immigration Today!

Important Tip- The form that you need to fill for your work permit for Canada (from outside of Canada) is the IMM-1295, even if you apply for your spouse’s work permit along with you, this form is a mandate and must be filled separately.

How to Apply for a work permit for Canada from outside

You have 2 ways to apply for your work permit

  • Online
  • Paper-based

Our experts in Immigration recommend applying for an Online application as it can be processed effortlessly, and you have the option to attach your extra documents.

Online Application for Work Permit form details

You need to fill out the form for your work permit with Important details like your

Personal Detail -Name, Place of birth, Country, Gender, Citizenship, Current Country of residence, your current Country if residing, Marital status, Status of work

Languages – You need to select your native language and if you can communicate in English and French

Passport – Information related to your passport like your passport number, where it is issued from and when will it expire.

Current Information – This section needs your full address with your city, state, postal code, Telephone number, Email address.

Details of Intended Work in Canada – what type of work permit you are applying for? You need to be very specific with this one and fill in the details cautiously.

Biometrics for Canadian Work Permit

Canadian visa officers use Biometrics to confirm your Identity

1. Biometrics makes it more difficult for someone to forge, steal and use your identity.

2. Problems are resolved when it comes to errors in your name, date of birth or place of birth, etc.

Police Clearance

A Visa officer from IRCC will ask you to provide a police clearance certificate, A police certificate is a statement indicating you do not have a criminal record or, if you have, You need to submit a copy of your criminal record. They assist us in determining if you are eligible to enter Canada for whatever purpose.

Medical Examination for a Canadian work permit

Foreign nationals that apply to work in Canada may need to complete a medical examination, this depends on the length of stay, where they will leave, and what occupation they will work in.

How SPS Canada can help you with your Canadian Work Permit

We are Experts of Immigration from Canada now In India, Serving in Canada for over 2 Decades and possessing impeccable experience in global all immigration-related services i.e. Study visa, Business/Investor Visa, and Immigration pathways to Canada  In addition, we ensure that your post-departure and pre-departure services are been taken care of.

The Canada work visa application process involves complicated steps. Partner with SPS Canada to shed the load off processing the application and work permits. Our experts will guide you through each step in obtaining a Canadian work permit right from the beginning and keep you updated on all developments.


Consult with our Senior Practitioner as we would be able to assess your profile and advise you in the right track. You can call (1) 905-362-9393 (Canada), +91 9586 226232 (Ahmedabad) or drop an E-mail at support@spscanada.com (Canada), support.amd@spscanada.com (Ahmedabad) for further information.






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