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International Student Victims of Fraud Will Not Be Deported – Immigration Minister

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June 15, 2023

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Labdhi Sheth

International students victims of fraud in Canada


In recent years, there has been an alarming rise in cases of fraud targeting international students seeking educational opportunities abroad. These scams exploit their dreams and aspirations and threaten their immigration status. However, in a promising development, the immigration minister has made a significant announcement that aims to provide much-needed relief to international students who have been victims of fraud. Let’s explore this crucial topic and understand the implications of this decision.STUDY


Protecting the Vulnerable

Many international students pursuing their aspirations of higher education overseas find that studying abroad is a transformative experience. But occasionally, while they pursue their education, these students become prey to dishonest people or groups who prey on their hopes and financial fragility. Scammers frequently make bogus claims about admission offers, provide unethical help in obtaining visas, or other dubious services, leaving these trusting students in such dangerous situations.


Deportation Threats Lifted.

The immigration minister has adopted a supportive posture in view of the situation of foreign students who have fallen prey to fraud. Students who have been the victims of scams will not be deported, according to official announcements. The government’s dedication to defending the rights and welfare of overseas students is highlighted by this judgement, which also recognises the unpleasant situations that they have found themselves in, as a result of fraud.


Supporting the Victims

In addition to preventing deportation, the immigration minister has also emphasized the provision of necessary support and assistance to the affected students. This support can range from legal aid to counselling services, ensuring that the victims have access to the resources they need to navigate through the aftermath of the fraud. By prioritizing the well-being of international students, the government sends a clear message that it values their contributions to the academic and cultural fabric of the nation.


Strengthening the Immigration System

This decision not only benefits individual victims of fraud but also serves to enhance the overall immigration system. By identifying and protecting those who have been deceived, the government indicates its determination to maintain a fair and transparent immigration process. Furthermore, it encourages genuine international students to pursue their goals without the fear of becoming victim to such fraudulent activities. According to Sean Fraser, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have been working even closer with Canadian Designated Learning Institutions(DLI), provinces and territories, and academic organizations to better detect and combat the fraud.



The promise that international students who are victims of fraud won’t be sent back to their home countries is a big step in protecting their rights and well-being. The government’s commitment to helping these victims and improving the immigration system is a good sign for international education.


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