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Popular Courses for Indian students to study in Ireland.

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February 23, 2024

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Ishita Soni

Best Courses in Ireland for Indian Students!

Top Courses in Ireland for International Students.

Ireland has experienced significant growth in industries like finance, healthcare, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and technology in recent years. This growth happened because many big international companies decided to move their main offices to Ireland, attracted by the country’s low corporate tax rate of 12.5%. As a result, more jobs have been created, leading to a higher demand for specific educational courses related to these growing industries.

Computer Science in Ireland

  • Computer science is a top course in Ireland for international students.
  • It involves processing, storing, and communicating data and instructions by computing devices.
  • The course covers software design and explores fundamental scientific questions about computation, hardware, and computer system architecture.
  • There is significant job potential in computer science in Ireland, with high-paying opportunities.
  • Top colleges in Ireland offer industry placements with tech giants like Accenture, Google, HP, Huawei, etc.

Banking & Finance in Ireland

  • Finance and banking are highly recommended courses in Ireland due to the presence of leading global banks and financial institutions.
  • Pursuing a master’s in finance in Ireland can potentially lead to opportunities in the top 250 financial firms worldwide.
  • Major international banks like Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan have significant operations in Ireland.
  • Various specializations within finance courses create diverse job opportunities for students.
  • Graduates can anticipate attractive job offers with handsome salaries in the finance sector.

Medicine in Ireland

  • Medicine is a top choice for international students in Ireland.
  • The country has invested significantly in medical research with qualified faculty and good infrastructure.
  • A 5-year medical program is available for students.
  • Irish medical degrees are widely recognized globally, including in India, the USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries.
  • To pursue Medicine, students need to register with the Central Applications Office (CAO) and provide required details.

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Software Engineering in Ireland

  • Software engineering is a rapidly growing and top course in Ireland.
  • Essential due to widespread use of software and computers in various industries.
  • Develops skills in analyzing, designing, constructing, and maintaining computer applications.
  • Ireland is the second-largest exporter of IT services globally, creating numerous career opportunities.
  • Companies like Google, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, PayPal hire software engineers.

Data Analytics/ Big Data in Ireland

  • Big data and data science are top courses in Ireland.
  • They teach students to analyze large amounts of data systematically.
  • Organizations need data analysts for business insights.
  • Dublin, home to many MNCs, attracts students for data science careers.
  • Suitable for those with technical backgrounds (mathematics, engineering, computer science).
  • A promising choice for studying in Ireland due to high demand in the job market.

These are the best courses in Ireland for international students. These courses have a lot of scope in Ireland. You will get the opportunity to work in some of the biggest MNCs after finishing your studies in Ireland. It will pave the way for you to bag your dream job at your dream company and live an amazing life in Ireland.

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