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Upfront Medical Exam No Longer Needed for the New Express Entry Applicants

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October 16, 2023

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SPS Canada

On October 1, 2023, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) implemented a notable change regarding the Immigration Medical Exam (IME) requirement for Express Entry applicants. Under this new policy, applicants who receive an invitation to apply (ITA) can now submit their applications without the need for an upfront medical examination. While this change is beneficial for ITA recipients, it is crucial to grasp its implications and how it impacts the application process. 


The latest update on Express Entry Medical Exam 

 As per the IRCC update on 1st October 2023, you no longer need to upload an upfront Immigration Medical Exam (IME) if you are an Express Entry applicant or their family member.


Let us dig deeper into how the application will be done without an upfront Immigration Medical Exam. 

 The previous Express Entry application required the applicant to attach their upfront medical exam in their Profile Builder while submitting their application after receiving an invitation to apply (ITA), this will not be the case anymore as per the IRCC. 


If you have not given the Immigration Medical Examination (IME), you can upload an empty document in the same upload slot. You will be informed by the IRCC to complete the exam in case they need it. 


 If you have already completed the Immigration Medical Exam (IME) for any other application, you can use the same document for your Express Entry Application as well. You will be required to include the IME or UMI number from your latest medical exam. 

 In July 2022, IRCC made it mandatory for the Express Entry applicants to submit an upfront Immigration Medical Exam, and the same rule has been changed in October 2023. 

What is an Immigration Medical Exam? 

Undergoing an Immigration Medical Examination (IME) is a mandatory requirement for individuals seeking Canadian permanent residency (PR) or temporary residency. This examination is designed to assess whether an applicant is medically admissible to Canada and is led by licensed medical professionals with IRCC accreditation.


 What are the two distinct type of Immigration Medical Exam in Canada

There are two distinct types of immigration medical exams in Canada: The Upfront Immigration Medical Exam and the Standard Immigration Medical Exam. For those who have not yet initiated their application in the eMedical system, opting for an upfront medical exam is advisable. Upon receiving an IME letter, applicants typically visit a designated panel physician for the required medical assessment. In some cases, panel physicians may conduct examinations even without the issuance of an IME letter, making an upfront medical checkup an equivalent alternative. 


SPS Canada Immigration, a reputable immigration firm with over 22 years of experience, understands the intricate process of immigration in Canada, including the essential Immigration Medical Examination (IME) requirements. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to applicants navigating the Canadian immigration system, ensuring that they meet all necessary criteria, including medical evaluations, to achieve their goal of Canadian permanent residency or temporary status. 


If you have any queries, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us for expert guidance and support tailored to your immigration journey. Visit our website at www.spscanada.com to learn more and get in touch today!  Your Canadian dreams await, and we are here to help make them a reality. 





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