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5 things you must do after you arrive in Canada as a student

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December 13, 2023

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5 Things for International Students

Things you must do after you arrive in Canada as a student

Here are some of the essential things you’ll need to do during your first week in Canada:

Moving to Canada as an international student is a big move, and this report highlights important steps for newcomers in their first week. Many students aim for a long-term stay, focusing on education, careers, and building a future. It emphasizes the need to keep long-term goals in mind and take early steps for success. The article lists five crucial initial steps that international students can take in their early days in Canada to set themselves up for success.


Stimulate your success by Registering at Your College/University

Registering as a student is the formal confirmation of your enrollment at the educational institution where you’ll be pursuing your studies. While most international students might have completed this process before arriving in Canada, certain aspects require in-person completion. During registration, you’ll receive a crucial student identification (ID) card, granting access to various facilities on campus.


The student ID card is essential for utilizing institution resources like the library and renting equipment. Additionally, it comes with perks such as discounts at stores and other experiences across Canada. By registering promptly, you not only ensure access to educational facilities but also unlock immediate cost savings through these discounts upon your arrival in the country.

Figure out or finalize your housing situation.

International students are often given priority for on-campus housing, but factors like cost and proximity to family may lead some to choose off-campus options. Swiftly securing accommodations in Canada is crucial for fostering comfort and allowing students to focus on their education. Canadian institutions offer housing support, including portals and resources. Additionally, students can explore rental options through platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. Quickly finalizing accommodation arrangements is key for establishing stability and ease during their educational journey in Canada.

Open a bank account!

Opening a bank account in Canada is essential for international students to handle daily expenses and bill payments. For Canadian international students with work authorization linked to their study permit, having a bank account is necessary. Numerous banks, credit unions, and international banks operate across Canadian cities, offering various options. Many Canadian banks also provide specific offers tailored for the needs of international students.

Obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

To work in Canada or access government programs and benefits, you require a nine-digit number known as a Social Insurance Number (SIN). There are a few ways to get a Canadian SIN.

A SIN, similar to a Canadian bank account, is necessary for any international student who wants to work in Canada while they pursue their education. This number can be obtained at the Service Canada location closest to you in your city of residence.


 How do I get a Cellphone in Canada?


Staying connected is a fundamental aspect of your life as an international student. To ensure you can communicate with family and friends and access information on the go, you’ll need a local cellphone number. Here’s what you should know about setting up your cellphone:

Phone Plans Canada: The various mobile plans available in Canada come in a variety of package configurations and feature a range of pricing options. Think about getting a plan that bundles a device, some calling minutes, some data, and the ability to make international calls. A number of service providers offer student-specific variations of their plans.

Credit History: In order to qualify for post-paid plans with certain carriers, you typically need to demonstrate that you have a credit history in Canada. However, in order to determine eligibility, certain providers may carry out credit checks in multiple countries. You have the option of going with a pre-paid plan if you do not have a credit history.

Setting Up: If you prefer to get your phone plan set up in person, you can do so at a number of different locations, including stores, mall kiosks, and even airports. You also have the option of setting up your account online through a provider of services if you have a credit history that can be evaluated.



The first month of your time spent studying in Canada as an international student is a crucial period that will shape the entirety of both your academic and personal experiences here. You will be able to navigate this exciting journey with confidence and success if you make sure that you have suitable housing, that your mobile and bank account are set up, that you take advantage of the abundance of support services that are available, that you obtain your SIN number, and that you make the most of office hours. If you are open to the various experiences and possibilities that Canada has to offer, you will quickly discover that you have made a successful transition to your new home away from home.


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