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Best Provincial Nominee Programs for 2020

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April 3, 2020

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Best Provincial Nominee Programs for 2020

Want to start a new chapter of your Canadian life?

Here you will join the tens of thousands of foreign nationals who plan to permanently immigrate to Canada. We break down Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) in this article, detailing the best choices for foreign nationals who wish to come to Canada.

Canada is comprised of 13 provinces and territories. Of these 11 provinces have Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). PNPs enable these territories to select foreign nationals who will meet the province’s specific needs. Almost 80 distinct PNPs exist, each with its own specific eligibility criteria. PNPs let provinces respond towards their own unique needs in terms of immigration. PNPs are also built to address labour force shortages and applicants with experience in high-demand jobs will be targeted.

Most PNPs require applicants to have a connection to the province through past provincial work experience, previous provincial study experience, or a job offer from a provincial employer. There are however a few PNPs that are ideal for foreign nationals who have no connection with the provinces of Canada.

1. Alberta Express Entry

The Alberta Express Entry stream chooses applicants from the federal Express Entry pool and invites the applicants to apply for a provincial nomination. The major advantage of this stream would be that the maximum CRS score is 300, ensuring that more applicants in the pool would have a chance to obtain a provincial Notification of Interest.

Obtaining a provincial nomination would raise the CRS score of a candidate by 600 points, practically ensuring that they will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the next Express Entry draw for permanent residence.

2. Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker has two streams that are ideal for candidates outside of Canada. First, the Saskatchewan Express Entry stream, which requires an active Express Entry profile for a candidate to apply. Second, Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand stream which does not require an Express Entry profile.

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Stream brings skilled workers who are capable of filling labour gaps in Saskatchewan’s workforce. If you already have experience in an in-demand job and satisfy the other eligibility requirements, this may be a great opportunity for you. To qualify an applicant must have at least one year of work experience in one of the positions listed on the In-Demand Occupations List of Saskatchewan.

3. Ontario Human Capital Priorities

Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada and a popular destination for most immigrants. Toronto is also the major hub for large multi-national companies as well as a growing hub for the tech sector of the country. Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities stream is a great option for those living outside of Canada! This stream emphasizes skilled workers who can fill qualified job positions in the province.

To be considered, an applicant should have an active Express Entry profile with a 400-point or higher CRS ranking.  Ontario reviews the profiles and invites certain profiles who meet their eligibility criteria to submit to the PNP. The exact criteria used by Ontario for the selection of candidates have not been made public and changes from time to time.

4. Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities

With these streams, in each draw, Nova Scotia invites a specific National Occupation Classification (NOC) each year. Though this NOC is not announced in advance, chances are if your NOC comes up in the list there are high chances you might make the cut. For this category, you may not even require a job offer as this stream is aligned with express entry and designed to fill in labor market gaps. Upon receiving an invitation, you will be required to submit your application

5. Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas

For people with a demonstrated link to Manitoba, the Manitoba Skilled Workers Overseas PNP stream is an alternative. If you do have a relative or friend living in Manitoba, or have Manitoba work experience or have studied in the province of Manitoba, or have participated in one of Manitoba’s strategic recruitment initiatives, then this stream of PNP might be a viable option. To be eligible for this stream you would also require one year of work experience in one of the Manitoba In-Demand Occupation List.

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