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Booking a Consultation Made Easy For You

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June 18, 2019

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Booking a Consultation Made Easy For You

Technology has given a different shape to the contemporary world. It has not only made things easier but also faster than before. As a progressive firm, we understand the needs of our prospective clients, who are seeking advice on immigration solutions from around the world.

We deal with clients from all over the world, reaching out to us for our representation, or simply just for the right advice. Having an appropriate answer will assure the applicant a successful journey to immigrate, study or work in Canada.

We understand the global reach of our services; therefore, we have made it accessible for those who are interested to reach out to us. To know us better, visit our website and have a tour of our virtual office. Hear from our former and existing clients, engage with us by asking questions and browsing the immigration updates, posted routinely.

If you are looking for a bit of advice in your scenario and wish to consult us for the best submission of your application to the IRCC, CBSA, IAD, or Federal court, contact us through our website, a phone call, email or reach us through our social media platforms.

Guidance on booking an appointment:

  1. Go to Book a consultation
  2. 2. Quickly fill in the name and contact details
  3. 3.  Pick up a time for the meeting from the available time slots, as per your convenience that lies within the
  4. 4. Pay either by using PayPal or Moneris, message us if you need any assistance in making a payment.
  5. 5.  And, Confirm!

Booking a consultation was never so easy, it will take you less than 5 minutes to secure a time slot for a detailed discussion regarding your immigration matter.

Fill out our online assessment:

At the time your schedule your consultation, please fill out our online assessment. Provide us with your information to help us determine your eligibility before you can schedule a consultation.


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