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Canada’s Vision: Transforming Immigration – Minister Marc Miller Unveils New Plans

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November 1, 2023

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IRCC's Comprehensive Plan for Canada's Growth

Minister Marc Miller has shared a plan to improve Canada’s immigration system. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been actively gathering feedback from the public and stakeholders to make the system more responsive. Their new strategy, “An Immigration System for Canada’s Future,” aims to address these issues.

What are the latest goals to improve the Canadian immigration system?

After Minister Miller’s announcement, the IRCC made its strategic report public to keep stakeholders informed about the department’s objectives. The IRCC is actively working on several key initiatives, which include aligning the immigration system with the labor market’s demands, updating the immigration process for digital ease, enhancing application processing standards, supporting smaller communities in attracting and retaining newcomers, and boosting French-speaking immigration in various Canadian communities.

Within the report, the IRCC has identified three core pillars and outlined a series of actions to uphold Canada’s reputation as an attractive destination for newcomers:

  • Enhance the welcoming experience for newcomers.
  • Ensure immigration aligns with labor market requirements.
  • Develop a comprehensive and coordinated growth plan.

Welcoming the Newcomers

Creating a more welcoming experience for newcomers is a top priority for the department, with a strong emphasis on delivering a user-friendly and enjoyable experience for all service users. A pivotal element in this effort is the introduction of a new operational platform known as Digital Platform Modernization (DPM).

The IRCC highlights that the DPM will significantly enhance efficiency, enabling them to cater to the growing demand from individuals seeking to work, study, visit, or reside in Canada. This modern platform will offer several advantages, including a centralized online gateway to access immigration programs, improved automation, and user-friendly digital self-service features.

The department anticipates that the DPM will not only expedite application processing and enhance program integrity but will also provide a more transparent and people-centered immigration journey.


Aligning immigration with Canada’s labor market needs

Minister Miller stressed the vital role of aligning immigration with Canada’s labor market needs in his address.

To effectively attract and retain talent in high-demand sectors like construction and healthcare, the IRCC recognizes the need to identify the required skills, assess newcomers possessing these skills, and match them with available job opportunities in Canada. This entails offering more avenues for international students and temporary workers with sought-after skills to remain in the country.

The IRCC’s report also underscores the introduction of category-based Express Entry rounds for candidates with work experience in key sectors to attract top talent.


IRCC’s Comprehensive Plan for Canada’s Growth

Earlier this year, IRCC studied its current structure by engaging former immigration Deputy Minister Neil Yeates on IRCC’s management. Yeates’ report contained recommendations, centered around reorganizing the department into a business line-based structure, enhancing governance, implementing a strong planning, and reporting system, and fostering a supportive organizational culture within IRCC. IRCC is actively adopting some of the recommendations. For example, the department is now organized into lines of business, allowing employees to align more effectively with the various clients they serve and respond more actively to global events.

In a recent audit it came to be noticed that there are inadequacies in IRCC’s backlog of permanent resident applications. The Office of the Auditor General suggested measures to process applications more efficiently and remain within service standards. These recommendations include a review of the stipulated processing times for IRCC applications and optimizing workload distribution in regional offices.

Release of Immigration Levels Plan Set for November 1st

The Canadian government updates this plan by November 1st in every non-election year. The plan gives a clear idea of the number of permanent residents Canada intends to welcome in the coming three years, covering all immigration classes, and the distribution of permanent resident levels among various programs.

Minister Miller recently expressed his belief before the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration that Canada should maintain its high immigration targets. This suggests that IRCC will continue to manage a substantial workload while undergoing ongoing structural changes.


Canada is about to address the latest Immigration Levels Plan for 2024-2026. Minister Miller’s commitment to high immigration targets highlights Canada’s inclusivity. In this evolving immigration landscape, professionals like SPS Canada Immigration play a vital role in guiding aspiring newcomers. For expert advice on Canadian immigration, contact us at SPS Canada via support@spscanada.com (Canada), support.amd@spscanada.com (Ahmedabad), or by phone at (1) 905-362-9393 (Canada) or +91 9586 226232 (Ahmedabad).


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