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Maximizing Your Express Entry Chances: Key Tasks While Awaiting the Next Draw

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November 21, 2023

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SPS Canada

What do do while you wait for your Express Entry

If you are a new candidate or already in the pool, having a profile is not enough. Focus on improving your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, especially if you are aiming for a high score and an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Use this time to gather important documents that you will need after receiving an ITA. Stay prepared by keeping your profile updated, boosting your CRS rating, exploring job opportunities on Job Bank, and getting your documents ready for the post-ITA process.

Updated your Express Entry  Profile

Keep your Express Entry profile updated by consistently ensuring that the information is accurate and truthful. All applicants should regularly review and update their profiles to ensure they display the most current and accurate information. Remember, it is your responsibility to update your profile when there are any updates in your life, such as switching professions, deciding on a job offer, reassessing language proficiency, or experiencing life events like marriage, divorce, adoption, or the birth of a child. Keeping your profile up to date is a crucial step for an Express Entry profile.

How to increase your CRS Score?

Increase your chances of receiving an invitation and boost your position in the Express Entry pool by taking strategic steps, including:

Learn French: Acquiring bilingual skills not only earns you extra CRS points but achieving a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level of 7 also makes you eligible for the Francophone Draw.

Obtain Certification: Pursue a certification in occupations eligible for the Express Entry Certificate of Qualification (COQ) to gain an additional 50 points, contingent on your language proficiency.

Utilize Job Bank: Increase your prospects by securing a credible job offer through Job Bank.

Explore Private Sector Job Boards: Highlight your skills to Canadian companies by leveraging job boards in the private sector and consider expressing interest in the Provincial Nominee Program from different provinces and territories.

Improve Credentials: Elevate your academic achievements, enhance language proficiency, and accumulate more relevant work experience to strengthen your overall Express Entry profile. These efforts contribute to a higher Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) rating and increase your chances of success in the application process.

Use Job Bank to get a job offer

Continue your job search by registering an account with the Canada Job Bank, where employers actively seeking individuals with your skill set can connect with you through the extensive database. While the job search experience on Job Bank may not have been favorable for some Express Entry candidates, it remains a valuable platform for finding employment. Applying for jobs is a task, and despite potential challenges, persistence is important. Explore job postings with approved positive Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA). A helpful tip: Consider applying to larger employers, as they tend to seek committed and qualified candidates.

Documents to keep available for the post-ITA process

If you are confident about your Express Entry profile and are expecting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in the upcoming draw, it is important to have your official documents ready, considering they may take some time to gather. Remember, you only have a 60-day time limit to submit a complete application after receiving an ITA. Failing to provide the necessary supporting documents within this period renders ITA ineffective.

Ensuring a smooth application process involves having all the required paperwork readily available. Here are some key documents you need to keep in check:

Language Proficiency Test

 Verify the accuracy of your language test results. Your language test results must still be valid when applying for permanent residency. If they expire before receiving an ITA, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) suggests either retaking the exam or reapplying before the expiration.

Police Clearances

Obtain police certificates for yourself and any family members aged eighteen or older. Getting these certificates can be a lengthy process in some countries, so it is advisable to request them as soon as you become part of the Express Entry pool. Submit them before the 60-day submission deadline after receiving an ITA.


SPS Canada Immigration has been guiding individuals towards successful immigration to Canada for more than 23 years. As you gear up for the next Express Entry draw, trust SPS Canada to optimize your profile, help you boost your CRS rating, and ensure your documents are in order. Visit www.spscanada.com for more information. For personalized assistance, contact us at +91 95862 26232 or email us at  support.amd@spscanada.com.



Express Entry Draw: https://www.spscanada.com/blog/canada-invites-pnp-candidates-in-the-latest-express-entry-draw-on-october-24th/





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