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How to Choose The Right Institution in Canada?

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June 22, 2021

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To achieve your personal and professional goals, it is critical to choose the right institution for your success. Many international students live in a dilemma of choosing between the number of available options of institutions to picking the right one for them. There are several factors involved in determining what institution to choose for higher education abroad.

For international students planning to study in Canada, it is essential to understand the difference between DLI institutions and private institutions. The choice of an institution will not only affect your education or job opportunities but also the time duration involved in getting permanent residency.

The Process of Choosing the Right Institution is Crucial and can be Divided into Two Categories:

The Application Stage

It is the first step when a student plans to apply for an institution. Several factors are involved in choosing these institutions like geographic location, cost, size, availability of courses etc. This is the time when a student must think properly about what institution they want to go for.

The Application Decision Stage

Once the student has received the application decisions and received their offer letter, they must think hard on deciding out of all the institutions who offered them to study at their institution, which one you want to begin your journey with.

There are Many Factors that Could Help you Decide on the Right Institution for your Higher Education:

Geographic location

This factor is one of the most crucial ones in deciding the right institution. Every student has different needs and priorities. Some students prefer living in rural areas to stay connected to their communities and make strong peer relations. For some, living in metropolitan areas is a must to have better job opportunities and social connections. The cost of living also varies as per the geographic location of the institution.

Educational Excellence

Yet a significant decision is to see which institution has academic excellence in all faculties. It will not be justified to say every institution has excellence in each faculty they offer to study. Every institution has its specializations, and international students should look for those institutions specializing in their program choice.


Every individual has different pocket sizes, and all Canadian institutions have different cost structures. Students must pay more in universities comparing to colleges. The fee structure of the institution plays a vital role in choosing the right institution.

Once you consider all these factors and shortlist some institutions to apply, you should be ready with some documents which are required to apply for these institutions:

  • Academics from Grade 10 to most recent
  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System
  • Passport

These are the three most important documents that you should be ready with before applying to any institution. Other documents could be required depending upon different case profiles.

You can find the right program for you and calculate the cost involved by using this tool EduCanada: the official Government of Canada website for study in Canada information

How can SPS Canada Help?

Our team at SPS Canada is a team of regulated practitioners who can help unburden your dilemma of picking the right institution for you. We can provide you with detailed information about every factor involved in choosing the institution for you, starting from geographic location pros and cons to funding an institution.

Throughout your journey, we will be there with you, starting from choosing the right institution to study to help you get your permanent residency.

Don’t live in a dilemma and Start your Assessment or Call (1) 905-362-9393 (Canada), +91 9586 226232 (Ahmedabad) or drop an E-mail at support@spscanada.com (Canada), support.amd@spscanada.com (Ahmedabad) for further information.


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