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New IEC draw 2024 sent 4603 work permits in Canada

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June 3, 2024

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Naju Gadhavi

IEC which is the International Education Class has  sent out 4603 new invitations for during the first week of june 1, this gives a refresign start to the month,Out of which 4152 invitations were sent out under the Working Holiday Category, which currently contains 33,394 candidates in the pool from 34 different countries.

well there is still hope, as 19,285 spots are still available for working holiday visa as of May 31st.
We will cover today the countries that have received invites as per june 1, 2024 along with their 2024 quota, candidates in the pool and who are eligible to obtain the Invitation in the coming week.

1. IEC 2024 Working Holiday

In this, they were invited from eligible countries in the Working Holiday Category to receive an open work permit, allowing them to work for almost any firm for Canada.

  • This is a Perfect Category for you
  • If you have no employment offer,
  • Want to work for more than one Employer in Canada.
  • Would like to work in more than one location so that they can travel and also earn money.
Date Draw Type Number of ITAs Minimum CRS
June 19Provincial Nominee Program1,499663
May 31Canadian Experience Class3,000522
May 30Provincial Nominee Program2,985676
April 24French proficiency1,400410
April 23General2,095529
April 11STEM occupations4,500491
April 10General1,280549
March 26French language proficiency1,500388
March 25General1,980524
March 13Transport occupations975430
March 12General2,850525
February 29French language proficiency2,500336
February 28General1,470534
February 16Agriculture and agri-food occupations150437
February 14Healthcare occupations3,500422
February 13General1,490535
February 1French language proficiency7,000365
January 31General730541
January 23General1,040543
January 10General1,510546

2. Professional Category Invitations for new IEC Draw

IEC 2024 boosted immigration with 4,603 work permits for international workers, fostering cultural exchange.

“For this category, the applicants should have the following criteria:

  • A proper job offer from a reputed Canadian firm that can help you progress professionally.
  • To work for the same company in the same location.

3. International CO-OP (Intership ) for new IEC Draw

International Co-op (Internship) programs issue employer-specific work visas to participants.

  • This category is for you if you are a student with a job offer or a job within Canada.
  • You will complete your education through this work placement or internship.
  •  You will remain employed with the same employer at the same location for the entirety of your stay in Canada.


New IEC 2024 Fee Structure and Refund Policy Announced by Canada for

Canada set the 2024 IEC application fee at $172 CAD for everyone.

The fee structure varies depending on the specific IEC program. Working holiday candidates must pay a $100 CAD fee. Young professionals and international Co-op participants incur no additional fees; however, their employers must pay a $230 CAD employer compliance fee.

Additionally, those who need to provide biometrics must pay an $85 CAD biometric fee at the time of paying the IEC fee.

  • You withdraw your application: If you withdraw your application for a work permit before receiving the Port of Entry (POE) letter, you’ll get your money back.
  • Employer withdraws job offer: If your employer withdraws their job offer before your work permit is issued, you’re eligible for a refund.
  • Application denial: Even if your application gets denied, you’ll receive a refund for the fees.







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