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Important Updates for Temporary Residents in Canada

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March 24, 2020

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Important Updates for Temporary Residents in Canada

Over the past two weeks, the Government of Canada along with the IRCC announced several updates for all temporary residents living in Canada or abroad. We have read through all the rules and updates and laid out for you. This information was last updated on March 24, 2020, and is subject to change.

1. Can you apply for temporary residence if you are not present in Canada?

Yes. According to the IRCC guidelines you can apply for temporary residence even if you are not present in Canada. This can be done online on the IRCC website. Even after submitting the application, you may still not be able to travel to Canada until the travel restrictions have been lifted off.

2. Does the coronavirus pandemic impact the IRCC processing time?

According to the IRCC recent announcements, there may be delays in processing times due to service disruption and restrictions.

3. Should you worry if you have missed your 30-Day deadline for the biometrics appointment due to closure?

IRCC has announced that all biometrics deadlines are updated, and the applicant will have 90 days from the day of receiving the instruction letter to give their biometrics. This will give the applicant ample time to get their biometrics done.

4. Are you in trouble if your temporary status as a visitor, worker or student is about to expire?

If you are currently in Canada, you can extend your status online. You will be allowed to remain in Canada until a decision is made on your new application.

5. Can you flagpole to update your immigration status?

You cannot travel to the Canada-US border to update your immigration status. Under the current travel ban, crossing the border to update your immigration status is deemed as non-essential travel.

6. Will you still be eligible for PGWP if your course of study is being delivered online?

If your course of study is being delivered online due to the coronavirus pandemic, then you will still be eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit.

7. Can you return to Canada if you have traveled to another country before the travel ban?

IRCC has confirmed that any person holding a valid study or work permit can enter Canada and is exempt from the travel ban.

8. My studies are about to start in spring/summer. Will you be able to enter Canada?

Any student who has a valid study permit or has been approved, will be able to enter Canada as of March 18, 2020.

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