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New Rules for International Students in Canada 2024!

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February 9, 2024

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Rules for international students!

Canada Announces New rules for international students in Canada.

If you’re going to study in Canada, there are some important rules and laws for international students. These aren’t meant to limit your experience, but to ensure a smooth study and cultural journey, setting you up for success. Interested in the changes for 2024? Let’s find out!

Limit on How Many International Students Can Come to Canada.

Canada has decided to limit the number of visas (permits) they give to students from other countries who want to study in Canada. They have set a maximum limit on the total number of these visas. In 2024, the most they will allow is 606,250 visas, and out of those, they plan to approve only 360,000 new study permits for that year.

This means that if you’re considering applying to study in Canada, it’s crucial to be aware of this limit. It’s like saying there’s a maximum number of seats available, and once that limit is reached, they won’t be able to accept more students. So, before you go ahead and apply for a permit to study in Canada, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a cap on the total number of international students they can accept, and you should check if there are still available slots within that limit.

Exemption: This cap on the number of international students does not include:

  • new study permit applications or extensions from within Canada
  • study permit applications to study at the primary school or secondary school level.
  • study permit applications to study in a graduate degree program at the master’s or doctorate level.

Spousal Open Work Permit Eligibility Change

spouses of international students doing master’s and doctorate degrees in Canada can get open work permits. Spouses of students in lower-level programs like undergraduate and college won’t be eligible anymore. This change will happen in the next few weeks.

Who can get an open work permit?

  • The husbands, wives, or partners living together with students in advanced degree programs like master’s, doctorate, or professional degrees are allowed to apply for something (like a benefit or permission). Those with partners in other types of programs are not eligible.
  • After these new rules start, the husbands, wives, or partners living together with international students who want to extend their current work permit can still apply under this category.

Who will not be eligible for an open work permit?

If your husband, wife, or partner is an international student in lower-level programs like college or undergraduate, they can’t get a new open work permit. However, if they already have one, they can keep it.

Visitors can continue applying for work permits inside Canada

New Rules for Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWP)

From February 15, 2024, if you finish a master’s degree in less than two years and meet PGWP conditions, you can get a three-year work permit. For other programs, the permit will match the program length, up to three years.

Who qualifies for a longer post-graduate work permit (PGWP)?

If you complete a two-year program or a master’s degree under two years in an approved school, you can get a three-year work permit. But from September 1, 2024, if your program is part of a licensing arrangement, you won’t be eligible for a work permit after finishing.

Can you get a work permit after finishing a program in a public-private partnership college?

  • International students currently enrolled will remain eligible for a PGWP if they meet other program eligibility criteria.

Who can’t get a work permit after finishing a public-private partnership college program?

Living Expenses on the Rise in Canada

Starting January 1, 2024, new students need $20,635 for living, along with tuition and travel costs for Canadian study permits. If an international student has family members, the living expense requirement goes up.

Back in the early 2000s, the amount of money international students needed for living expenses was set at $10,000. However, this amount stayed the same for many years, causing problems for students as it didn’t keep up with the increasing costs of living.

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