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Nova Scotia Implements Federal Cap on New International Student Applications.

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April 1, 2024

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Ishita Soni

Nova Scotia Implements Federal Cap on New International Student Applications.

Nova Scotia follows federal limit on new international student applications.

Nova Scotia, a province in Canada, announced how many international students it can accept in its universities and colleges for the year 2024. The government has been granted 12,900 permits for international students by the federal government. This is lower than last year, where Nova Scotia allowed around 7,000 more international students. In 2023, there were about 16,000 international students studying full-time in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is distributing study permits among 32 schools that can accept international students. The permits are divided as follows:

  • 11,565 for universities and Nova Scotia Community College
  •  710 for private career colleges
  • 526 for language schools
  •  Plus 99 extra for unexpected situations.

The Minister of Advanced Education wants more permits from the federal government. Canada is reducing the number of study permits issued in 2024. Each province decides how to allocate permits based on Provincial Attestation Letters.

Island of Prince Edward

Prince Edward Island (PEI) announced it has 2,000 study permits for international students. They will be given to three schools:

  • College de l’Ile (105 permits)
  • Holland College (710 permits)
  •  University of Prince Edward Island (1,185 permits)

In PEI, the Department of Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population will give PALs to these schools. Then, the schools will give them to international students applying for federal student permits.

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Allocations in other provinces

Sure! Ontario plans to give out 96% of its study permits to public universities and colleges. The other 4% will be split among language schools, private universities, and other institutions in the province. However, they haven’t said how many permits the federal government has given them.

British Columbia is dividing its 83,000 study permits almost equally between public and private Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs), with 53% going to public DLIs and 47% to private DLIs.

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