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Provinces Welcome Newcomers Through Dedicated Programs 2023

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August 21, 2023

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Naju Gadhavi

Latest Immigration updates Canada

This week, there were important developments in Canadian immigration. The provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island (PEI) showed their dedication to welcoming new people. They chose candidates through their own immigration programs.


In Canada, both provincial and federal authorities work together to manage immigration. One important way for people to become permanent residents is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Lets understand what were the main updates in all the provinces-

Ontario -This week, Ontario invited a total of 5,450 candidates across four different streams for immigration:


  1. Employer Job Offer: International Student stream
  2. Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream
  3. Employer Job Offer: In Demand Skills stream
  4. Human Capital Priorities stream

On August 15, they conducted draws for the three Employer Job Offer streams. Among these, 853 international students with a job offer in technology, healthcare, or skilled trades and a minimum score of 61 were invited.

In the same draws, 375 candidates with job offers in skilled trades and a score of at least 30, as well as 1,131 skilled candidates with job offers in health and technology sectors and scores of 46, received invitations.

For the third Employer Job Offer draw, 256 skilled candidates with job offers in in-demand fields and scores of 23 or higher were invited. These candidates had job offers in specific sectors like agriculture, construction, and other selected fields.

Additionally, on August 17, Ontario announced that it had invited 2,835 candidates through the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream. These candidates had experience in technology and health-related professions and scores of 473 or higher.

Saskatchewan’s Recent Expressions of Interest (EOIs) Draws – August 16

Saskatchewan held draws for its Express Entry and Occupations-In-Demand streams on August 16, marking the first draws since June 8. The draws were organized into six rounds based on where candidates live and their occupations. The province aimed to match qualified candidates with job opportunities in the labor market.

Express entry Stream -Invited a total of 345 candidates from different countries and occupations.

Invitations extended to 23 candidates in Ireland, 224 in India, and 98 in various European countries.

Candidates needed a minimum score of 60.

Occupation In Demand Stream– Invited 297 candidates from different countries and occupations.

Invitations extended to 12 candidates in Ireland, 207 in India, and 78 in various European countries.

Candidates needed a minimum score of 60.

Quebec’s Latest Invitation Round – August 10

Quebec unveiled the results of its recent invitation round on August 10. A total of 1,384 candidates were invited by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration to apply for permanent selection. Invitations were extended to candidates with valid job offers located outside the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal.

British Columbia’s Draws – August 15

  • On August 15, British Columbia held four targeted draws for candidates in the Skilled Worker and International Graduate Streams of the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), including those in the Express Entry pool.
  • The largest draw invited 107 candidates working in tech occupations with a minimum Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score of 88.
  • Other draws included -27 invitations for early childhood educators and assistants, 19 invitations for candidates in healthcare occupations,A small number of invitations for candidates in other priority occupations.
  • All candidates in these draws needed a minimum score of 60 to qualify.


Prince Edward Island (PEI) Draws – August 17

PEI made invitations on August 17 in two separate streams of the PEI Provincial Nominee Program. A total of 138 candidates were invited in the Labour and Express Entry stream. These invitations were extended to individuals working for a PEI employer with a minimum Expression of Interest (EOI) score of 50.

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