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Quarantine requirements by Schools for International Students traveling to Canada

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April 13, 2021

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Quarantine requirements by Schools for International Students traveling to Canada

With the start of Spring 2021, schools have already posted their quarantine plans for International students coming to Canada. 

As a requirement by the Government of Canada, international students must have a Quarantine plan already in place before coming to Canada. Students are required to provide details about the location of their 14-day quarantine period and how they plan to manage their living in those days. International students without a quarantine plan can be sent back to their home country by the immigration officials at the airport. 

Starting from February 22, 2021, International students coming to Canada by air are required to take a COVID-19 test at the airport and then quarantine for three nights at government-authorized hotels to wait for the results. The cost of the government-approved facility would be approximately $2000 including accommodation and food requirements. The rest of the 14-day quarantine can be completed by students at a place of their choice but the choice must be available at that time.

Here’s a snippet of the quarantine plans for some known schools in different provinces as revealed by Applyboard:

NorQuest College (ALBERTA)

NorQuest College in Edmonton, Alberta has a quarantine plan curated for its students which can be accessed here. It has all the information about how international students can come to Canada and plan their stay. They have also created a separate email for its student to reach out in case of any support for their quarantine plans. The email address is travel.safe@norquest.ca.

Yorkville University – Vancouver (BRITISH COLUMBIA)

Yorkville University- Vancouver is located in Westminister has made a COVID-19 Safety Plan for international students to make it safe for the students to return to campus. The guide is focused on planning and re-opening the facilities safely to all students. It has various measures to be taken to control the spread of COVID-19 and what steps to be taken in case of a breakout.

It has a Health Disclosure Declaration form as well which everybody needs to fill before entering the campus. Yorkville also asks students to not book their flights before finalizing their quarantine plan.

Yorkville University has a plan for students where they can enroll by emailing their full name and email address to quarantinesupportBC@yorkvilleu.ca.

Algoma University (ONTARIO)

Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie and Brampton, Ontario, has already come up with its quarantine plan for the upcoming spring semester. Algoma University continues to take proactive steps towards ensuring the safety and well-being of its students and staff. The latest information regarding COVID-19 can be found on their website including the latest travel guidelines. Students who have any questions related to their quarantine plans or any COVID related questions can email at covid@algomau.ca

Georgian College (ONTARIO) 

Georgian College located in Barrie, Ontario has made a quarantine package for international students which includes their accommodation and food for their quarantine time period. The details of the package are on the college’s website.

Students are encouraged to purchase the quarantine plan before coming to Canada. You can also refer to College’s COVID-19 resources for students in case of any other questions related to it.

Yorkville University – Toronto (ONTARIO)

Yorkville University will continue to provide all the latest information about their COVID-19 plans to students, staff, and faculty via online updates at www.yorkvilleu.ca. In case of any questions, students can reach this number for their queries (Local Toronto – 416-941-2109) or email at quarantinesupportON@yorkvilleu.ca to arrange their quarantine plan.

Seneca College- Toronto (ONTARIO)

Seneca remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of its students. Seneca has prepared a pre-departure, in-transit, on arrival, and during quarantine guidelines package for its students. It has all the steps that students need to take care of before and after coming to Canada. You can check the guidelines checklist here travel and self-quarantine checklist

Students studying at Seneca college can reach out to seneca.international@senecacollege.ca in case of any queries regarding their quarantine plan. 

Each and every school has different Quarantine plans and requirements for students to cope with these unprecedented times. Students do not have to worry about them being exposed to an unsafe environment. 

Have you canceled your plan to come to Canada due to the pandemic? Traveling to Canada is discouraged, however, if you must travel, plan beforehand. It’s important to remain up to date with the frequent temporary updates and if you’re confused you can reach out by starting your assessment.

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