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Rural & Northern Pilot Program

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November 21, 2019

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Rural & Northern Pilot Program

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program has finally opened doors to lodge application. So far, 3 communities – Sault Ste. Marie and Altona/Rhineland have opened for candidates to apply for full-time job and permanent residence while Thunder Bay start accepting employers and would post the job vacancies on website beginning December 1, 2019. Thunder Bay will be ready for candidates by January 2, 2020. The other 8 communities are expected to open soon in 2020.

About Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

This is a community-driven program that designed to spread the economic program to smaller communities. Foreigner skilled workers can apply for Permanent Resident if they have a desire to work and live in one of 11 participating communities.

Participation communities include

– North Bay, ON – Coming Soon

– Sudbury, ON – Coming Soon

– Timmins, ON – Coming Soon

– Sault Ste. Marie, ON

– Thunder Bay, ON

– Brandon, MB

– Altona/Rhineland, MB

– Moose Jaw, SK – Coming Soon

– Claresholm, AB – Coming Soon

– Vernon, BC

– West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), BC – Coming Soon

About the process

There are 4 steps to apply for permanent residence under this pilot program.

  • Check that you meet both IRCC eligibility requirements and community-specific requirements
  • Find an eligible job with an employer in 1 of the participating communities
  • Submit your application for recommendation to the community once you have valid job offer.
  • Apply for permanent residence, if get recommended by the community

Each community will also have their own additional eligibility requirements, job search process and the application process. So, make sure you check on their official websites before stating the process.

How to be eligible for the RNIP

Get a recommendation from the participation community, based on 

  • Candidate’s intent to live in and engage with that community
  • Valid job offer that meet the community and the economic needs
  • Work experience and skill set

Work experiences

  • At least 1 year of continuous work experience (at least 1,560 hours) in the past 3 years
  • It can be full-time or part-time jobs with the same or different employers but must be in 1 primary occupation used in your application.
  • Experience gained can be in Canada or abroad, not including internship, volunteer, self-employed and while holding student status.

Language requirements

Base on NOC Category, applicants must meet minimum language requirements. This can either be the

  • Canadian language benchmarks (CLB) or
  • Nivea de compétence linguistique canadine’s (NCLC)

The minimum requirements are:

  • NOC 0 & A require CLB/NCLC 6
  • NOC B requires CLB/NCLC 5
  • NOC C & D require CLB/NCLC 4

Education Requirements

Minimum requirement is either

  • Canadian high school diploma or
  • Foreign credential that’s equal to Canadian secondary school. You must do Educational credential assessment (ECA) report for your foreign degree.

Settlement funds

Unless you’re already working legally in Canada when you apply, you must prove you have enough money to support yourself and any family members while you get settled in your community. You can provide proof of funds as:

  • Bank account statements. Approximately 9,000 to 23,000 CAD in your ready-to use accounts
  • Property or investment
  • Guarantee payment

Who Can apply for RNIP?

Oversea Skilled Worker

  • For foreign Worker you must meet all the RNIP’s requirements and additional requirements form the community you apply.
  • Make sure to check the community website.

International Student

  • RNIP is especially beneficial for international students, since students are not required work experience or settlement funds but only a valid full-time job offer in NOC 0, A, B, C, or D.
  • Candidate need a 2 or more year-post-secondary full-time program in the Designed learning institution (DLI) in one of the participating communities.
  • You can also study Master or higher full-time program.
  • You must apply for Permanent residence no more than 18 months after getting you degree.

Why Choosing RNIP

Comparing to many existing immigration programs in Canada, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a great opportunity for foreign skilled workers and international students to get their Permanent Residence ticket since it has lower requirements:

  • Apply for all NOC Category (0, A, B, C, D).
  • Low language requirement (CLB 4 to 6).
  • Low cost of living.
  • Easy to get Permanent Resident – especially for international students
  • There are many qualify colleges and universities in these participating communities with wide range of programs and rich choices for all students
  • After completing study, students have up to 3 years (under Post Graduate Work Permit) to find an employment and then ready to prepare for Permanent Resident application without waiting 1 year to gain experience.

To help you navigate the entire process, our team has the resources and skills to assist. please email us at support@spscanada.com or call us from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm at (844) 293-2688 Ext 100 if you are interest and would like to know more about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program.


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