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Why Canada is the best option for you to study in 2023

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October 18, 2022

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Naju Gadhavi

Study in Canada in 2023

Canada Study Visa Essential for 2023

Canada is a beautiful country with mountains, lakes, and a good lifestyle with world-class universities and colleges. Sometimes, I am amused to know how one country can tick so many boxes. Once you decide you want to have a beautiful future, you will think of nothing but moving to Canada and have a worthwhile life in the country.

Once you have arrived at a conscious decision to move to Canada, the next step is to decide the route to take as there are many ways to migrate to Canada depending upon your age, education, work, responsibilities, etc.

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Start with the most common way, which is the Student Visa. However, it is not a cakewalk, you will need to take care of specific details when it comes to studying in Canada.As an international student, you might have many doubts regarding the province to choose, the program to study, choice of college, the best intake for you, and many more!!

Let’s look into the study visa canada requirements one by one!

Choosing College and University for Canada

I feel that the most important point is to start by choosing a suitable college and understanding the programs in detail which will give you an overview of how and what will be the subject types. Also, the choice of the most suitable module for you!

Not all Canadian colleges allow overseas students. Therefore, it is very important for you to apply to Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) that are approved to host international students.Once you find the DLI college of your core interest, comes the application part where you apply to the college/ University of your choice and get an offer letter from them.

Once you receive that, you have the option of paying the entire 1 Year Fee or a non-refundable deposit to block your spot until the full and final payment of the entire fee.

Note: It is a mandate for you to pay the entire 1-year fee before you apply for the study visa.


Check your eligibility and organize your documents

The actual work starts from here. This is what you call the fieldwork for your student visa procedure. Make sure you are on point with all your paperwork and criteria.

1.Letter of acceptance – You will get this letter from the school/college, and you will have to attach the original or digital copy that you have received from the institution.

2.Proof of Identity – Passport and other travel documents are required to prove your identity.

  1. Proof of Identity – A passport and other travel documents are required to prove your identity.
  2. Proof of no criminal record – An important one in the list of documents is the proof of no criminal record for which you need a clear document from the police.

Proof of Funds – Even before you enter Canada, you must prove that you are financially capable of living in the country, affording the tuition fees, and managing living expenses. The following documents will be required for the same

  • A Canadian Bank account in your name in which you have made a deposit, also known as GIC [Guaranteed Investment Certificate].
  • Proof of Education and/or student loan from the bank.
  • Your bank statement for the last 4 months/ Your parent’s ITR for the last 2 years.
  • Proof of 1-year tuition fee payment
  • A bank draft that can be converted to Canadian Dollars.
  • Proof of funding from within Canada through scholarship or any other Canadian-funded program.

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What comes after collecting all the important documents and papers is the stage of its application. That’s how you go about the next step which is mentioned below:

Application of your Study Permit

You can apply for your study permit in 2 ways:

A- Through paper/ Post

B- Online.

Note: You must apply for a study permit before flying to Canada. After filling out the application, it is required for you to pay the processing fee for biometrics, the study permit application, and any other miscellaneous expenses to be incurred.


Check the Status of your application

After the successful submission of the Study permit application form, you will be able to check the application status, till you receive any update.

If you are provided with a visa, you will receive a passport request commonly known as PPR.

Unfortunately, if you face rejection through a correspondence letter, it does not indicate the end of your dream to study in Canada. It simply means another chance for you to apply.


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