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Canada’s top three most and least expensive cities by cost of basic needs by 2024

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January 8, 2024

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The most expensive and least expensive cities in Canada

The cost of basic needs in major Canadian cities using the Market Basket Measure (MBM) data from Statistics Canada.

According to the Market Basket Measurement (MBM) data released by Statistics Canada at the end of November The cost of basic needs among all major Canadian cities assessed is highest in Calgary, Alberta, and lowest in Montreal, Québec.

As defined by Statistics Canada (StatsCan), MBM data “are based on the cost of a specific basket of goods and services that represents a basic, modest standard of living for a reference family.”

For the provinces, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, the MBM reference family consists of “two adults with two children. [However]for Nunavut, the MBM reference family consists of two adults with three children.”

Where is the cost of basic needs highest across Canada?

By this measure, basic needs cost more in:

Calgary, Alberta: The total MBM threshold in this city is $55,771

Vancouver, British Columbia: The total MBM threshold in this city is $55,727

Toronto, Ontario: The total MBM threshold in this city is $55,262 (know more about Toronto)

According to a CTV News Story Since last month, Calgary’s MBM is up almost $4,000 from a year ago.

Where is the lowest cost of necessities in all of Canada?

According to this measure, basic needs cost less in:

Montreal, Quebec: The total MBM threshold in this city is $46,027.

Brandon, Manitoba: The total MBM threshold in this city is $46,779.

Saint John, New Brunswick: The total MBM threshold in this city is $48,468.

The cost of basic needs in other major cities in Canada

The cost of basic needs in Canada will continue to be described below, focusing specifically on one major city in each province and territory that has not yet been covered in the article so far.

Saint John, Newfoundland, and Labrador: $50,931

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island: $51,033

Regina, Saskatchewan: $51,101

Halifax, Nova Scotia: $52,439

Whitehorse, Yukon: $59,124

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories: $66,991

Iqaluit, Nunavut: $118,787

The cost of living in Canada

Another November 2023 report from Rentals.ca shows that many of the same cities appear in a corresponding position with respect to where rental housing is most expensive across the country.

Understanding Rental Costs Across Canadian Cities

Rental housing is a key consideration for many recent immigrants to Canada, as well as newcomers in general, making it a priority for many of this country’s newest inhabitants.

  • Vancouver ranks as Canada’s most expensive city for one-bedroom ($2,872) and two-bedroom ($3,777) rentals.
  •  Toronto is the third most expensive, averaging $2,607 for one-bedroom and $3,424 for two-bedroom apartments.
  •  Winnipeg, near Canada’s second-least expensive city (Brandon, Manitoba), is among the five cheapest cities, with one-bedroom rent at $1,282 and two-bedroom rent at $1,692.

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