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International Students Find Permanent Home in 2023

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January 19, 2024

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International Students Permenant Home

In 2023, many international students transitioned to permanent residence.

Transition to Permanent Residency (PR):

  •  20,580 former study permit holders moved to PR in the first three quarters of 2023.
  •  This is an increase from 19,735 in 2022.

Significant Growth Trend:

  •  Over the last four years, there has been a substantial increase in international students obtaining PR in Canada.
  •  The latest data indicates a 78% surge compared to 2019.

Preferred Provinces for Permanent Residency:

Canada’s Education Plan and Stable Residency by 2026

Global Affairs Canada aims to enhance the diversity of study locations for international students in the next phase of Canada’s education strategy, anticipating a more equitable distribution of the economic impact. This strategy shift aligns with Canada’s 2026 plan to stabilize permanent residency levels at 500,000, a departure from years of continuous immigration growth, while maintaining increased levels in 2024 and 2025 at 485,000 and 500,000, respectively. The goal is to create a balanced and sustainable approach to immigration.

Addressing Growth and Student Residency Challenges

Canada’s new policy tackles population growth challenges but raises concerns as international students, though a minority, face low chances of transitioning to permanent residency, despite record numbers granted last year.

Most international students in Canada want to become permanent residents, but only a few achieve this status. Jenny Francis from Langara College points out that available pathways may create false expectations. This highlights the need for a closer look at the challenges faced by international students aiming for permanent residency in Canada.

PNP Immigration Options for International Students - Canadim

Miller’s Reviews: Pathways for International Students’ Residency

  •  Minister Marc Miller emphasized that being an international student doesn’t guarantee Canadian permanent residence or citizenship.
  •  Concerns were raised about “unscrupulous agents” creating false hopes with limited pathways to permanent residency.
  •  Jenny Francis urged agents and colleges to clarify that studying in Canada offers a chance, not a guaranteed path, to permanent residency.
  •  Miller committed to opening clearer paths for permanent residency and changing the post-graduate work permit scheme.
  •  Details of these changes are pending.
  •  Miller stressed that people often come to Canada not just to study but with the desire to stay.
  •  Aligned pathways are needed for students to secure jobs and move towards permanent residency.
  •  The Canadian Bureau for International Education proposed a “special stream” for international students within the immigration system to ease access to permanent residency.

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