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Requirements for applying Canada Visitor Visa

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March 1, 2024

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Ishita Soni

If you want to apply for Visitor Visa for Canada here are some easy ways!

Applying for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa)

If you want to visit Canada for tourism, to see family, or for a short business trip, you usually need a visitor visa. This applies to people from most countries who aren’t already permanent or temporary residents (like those with work or study permits). However, some countries have a special agreement, so their citizens can get an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) instead of a visitor visa. eTAs make the travel process easier for these individuals.

What is needed to get a Canadian visitor visa?

To apply for a visa to Canada, you need to fill out specific forms. The forms you use depend on whether you are applying from inside or outside Canada. If you are applying from outside Canada, you will typically need to complete the following forms:

  • Application for temporary resident visa (IMM 5257)
  • Family information form (IMM 5707)
  • Statutory declaration of common-law union (IMM 5409)
  • Use of representative (IMM 5476) — Only if you have a representative or are appointing/cancelling one
  • Authority to release personal information to a designated individual (IMM 5475) — Only if you allow the release of information to someone other than yourself (like a representative or authorized relative).
  • Collect the needed documentation

When applying for a Canadian visitor visa, include these with your forms:

  • Proof of fee payment.
  • Photocopy of passport’s information page.
  • Two photos meeting specifications.
  • Proof of financial support.
  • Copy of marriage license if applicable.
  • Letter explaining travel purpose.
  • Copy of current immigration status.
  • For minors: custody documents or a letter of authorization.
  • Any additional documents as required by your visa office.

Online applications must have a generated barcode, or if applying on paper, attach a printed barcode at the top.

Ways to Paying Fees for IRCC and Showing Proof.

When applying for a Canadian visitor visa, there are two fees: $100 CAD per person or $500 CAD for a family for the application, and $85 CAD per person or $170 CAD per family for biometrics. Check if you need biometrics before deciding. Pay these fees online, and once paid, they’re non-refundable. Wait for an official receipt with a barcode from IRCC and include a copy with your visa application.

5 Common Causes For Canada Visitor Visa Rejection - ImmiLaw Immigration

How to show you have enough money for your trip.

To show you can support yourself and any dependents while in Canada, you can use documents like cash, certified cheques, bank drafts, or money orders with enough money to cover your expenses. Verifiable written or verbal statements from friends or family are also accepted if they assure the officer, you have enough financial support. You can also use bank statements, a letter from your employer, or past tax information.

Guidelines for Crafting a “Purpose of Travel” Letter.

When entering Canada, all foreigners must convince an officer that they have valid reasons to be there and will leave when their authorized stay ends. For a visitor visa, this might mean proving you’ll depart Canada on time. Some applicants may also require a letter of invitation from a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Family Application Process for Canadian Visitor Visa.

If you want to bring your family to Canada with you on a visitor visa, fill out an application form for each family member. You can submit all applications together online or at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) if applying on paper. You might get one receipt for all the applications. Remember, each family member must meet the requirements for temporary residence in Canada.

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