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Young talents from 30 countries can now get Working Holiday Visa in Canada

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June 7, 2024

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Talents from 30 countries can get working holiday visa

Have you heard about the latest “Working Holiday Visa” in Canada? and you are wondering how to find out more information about it than lets explore the blog and find out how to apply for Working Holiday Visa in Canada.

Main Points to Cover for Working Holiday Visa in Canada

  • Young talent from 30 countries can come and visit Canada for working Holiday.
  • Three main steps to the process to successfully arriving in Canada within a working holiday permit:First is to Enter a Pool (If you are eligible), wait for an invitation, and entering Canada
  • Your work experience can help you gain Canadian work experience, which can be used to support an application to live permenantly in Canada through express entry.
  • You will need a Health Insurance requirement, as this can be a bit more difficult in the whole process, as if you do not have a proper health isurance the duration of your work permit can be shortened.
  • The cost of the Working Holiday Visa in Canada is CAD$357, which includes $172 for processing fees, $100 for open work permit holder fee and $85 as biometrics fees.

What is the IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada program ?

Lets learn more about the IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada in more detail, This program gives you temporary work permit under the International Mobility Program to around 30 Countries can legally come and work in Canada. The permit allows you to work for 12-14 months.

The Candidates who wish to get this exposure needs to first create a profile which will notify the Candian authorities for their desire to recieve a working holiday visa in Canada. The Candidates who are successfully selected will get a chance to work  and explore Canada, however the chance is for the one who is most suitable.

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Who Can Apply for the Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

Check out the Full list of International countries participating in the working holiday visa category.

How to get a Working Holiday Visa in Canada

You can create your profile on the Immigration and Refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

  • Canada uses a draw system to select applicants for working holiday visas. Think of it like a lottery, but instead of picking numbers, you create a profile and enter a pool for your country and desired visa type (e.g., Canada: Working Holiday).
  •  While you can enter the draw anytime after it opens for your country, applying early gives you an advantage. More draws happen throughout the application period, increasing your chances of getting picked.
  •  When you enter, you’ll specify the pool based on your nationality and visa category. Imagine these pools as categories within the lottery, each with a limited number of spots.
  • There’s a final round of invitations before they stop accepting applications for the year. Don’t worry, you’ll get at least five days’ notice beforehand.

By entering the draw early and understanding the system, you can maximize your chances of landing a coveted working holiday visa in Canada.

Stay informed, apply early, and maximize your chances of embarking on this adventure. For more detailed information and assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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