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5 Frequently Assumed Myths About Canadian Express Entry

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September 1, 2023

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Naju Gadhavi


Canada Express Entry is one of the fastest and most convenient immigration programs. It allows candidates from all over the world to submit their applications to immigrate to Canada. The Canada Express Entry program oversees applications for three different Federal Immigration programs. Candidates must create a profile in the portal with information about their educational background, work experience and other skills they possess. These attributes help the government of Canada to determine their eligibility based on a point-based system.


Myth 1. Express Entry is the sole method to obtain Canadian economic immigration.

Fact – Express Entry manages and supervises most of the Federal economic immigration programs but is not the only approach.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an essential part of Canada’s immigration system. It is provided by 11 Canadian territories and provinces, each having its own streams and criteria designed to address their specific economic and labour market needs. The candidates who need to clear the Express Entry program opt for the PNP program.


Myth 2. You must have a job offer to participate in the Express Entry Pool.

Fact: Arranging a job or having a job offer isn’t mandatory.

Having a job offer is usually advantageous because it increases the likelihood that your application will be accepted. If you work for a company with headquarters in Canada, it might, on a good day, have a direct impact on your application. The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), which is a component of the Express Entry system, is the only metric used to analyse the application you submit. You can apply for provincial nomination or try to make your application stronger if you need more points to have a Canadian company sponsor you.


Myth 3. Upon being selected for the Express Entry program, you are granted an indefinite period to apply for permanent residency (PR).

Fact: You will be given a timeframe within which you are required to apply for Canada PR as an Express Entry candidate.

After being chosen in the Express Entry program, candidates receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply), which allows them the opportunity to apply for PR. Within 60 days of receiving the invitation, the response application must be submitted and reverted to the ITA. documents proving your identity, your education, your job history, and your references from previous employers.


Myth 4. The Express Entry profile cannot be updated.

Fact: The Express Entry profile can be edited.

While your application is still in the Express Entry pool, you can make the required changes. The profile must be updated with revised data on the primary factors. The factors, including work expertise, language proficiency, and level of education, will directly sum up the points in the CRS system.


Myth 5. Express Entry is the easiest way to migrate to Canada.

Fact: Express Entry is comparatively easy but has strict and uncompromising evaluation.

Express Entry has made the migration process simple, but the application evaluation procedure could be more tolerant and accommodating. When determining eligibility for and granting PR visas, the Canadian government follows tight procedures. The program is primarily concerned with facilitating the economic immigration of candidates who have the necessary training and work experience to fill market gaps. Although the processing time may vary, the reviewing procedure will always be the same.


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