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Upcoming Minimum Wage Change in British Columbia: Effective June 1!

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May 27, 2024

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Ishita Soni

Minimum Wage In British Columbia!

British Columbia’s minimum wage is changing on June 1st.

Starting June 1, British Columbia ‘s minimum wage will be $17.40 per hour, the highest in Canada. Employers must ensure all workers are paid at least this amount. Liquor servers will also receive this wage plus tips. Live-in camp leaders will see their daily pay increase to $138.93.

Similarly, live-in home support workers will see their minimum daily pay rise from $124.73 to $129.62. Resident caretakers’ monthly salary depends on the number of residential suites they manage. If the building has 9 to 60 suites, their minimum monthly compensation will increase to $1,041.80, plus $41.74 for each suite. For buildings with 61 or more suites, the minimum monthly compensation will rise to $3,548.63.

Living Wages in British Columbia Exceed Minimum Wages

When minimum hourly wages go up, people often discuss the actual living wage, which is the minimum amount needed to cover basic needs. Currently, in B.C., the lowest unemployment rate and highest minimum hourly wage suggest a good situation for workers. However, the state still doesn’t meet the living wage rates.

  • Daajing Giids $26.25
  • Dawson Creek $20.64
  • Fraser Valley $20.66
  • Golden $25.78
  • Kamloops $20.91
  • Kelowna $24.60
  • Metro Vancouver $25.68
  • Nanaimo $22.87
  • Nelson $21.14
  • Penticton $24.60
  • Powell River $25.06
  • Prince George $22.09
  • Revelstoke $24.60
  • Sunshine Coast $25.61
  • Clayoquot Sound $26.51

Minimum wage rises June 1 in B.C. | Vernon Matters

  • Columbia Valley $22.63
  • Comox Valley $22.02
  • Cowichan Valley $25.20
  • Trail $21.55
  • Victoria $25.40

In Metro Vancouver and Victoria, the living wage is about $25.50 per hour, while the official minimum pay will be $17.40 starting June 1. This $25.50 is what each of the two working parents needs to earn per hour to cover basic expenses like rent, childcare, food, and transportation for their two children.

Comparing British Columbia’s Minimum Wage with Other Canadian Provinces

In British Columbia, the minimum hourly wage is the highest among the major Canadian provinces and even higher than the federal minimum wage. Only the Canadian territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, have higher hourly wage rates, but it’s not a fair comparison because they have much smaller populations.

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What is minimum wage in BC?

Currently, the minimum wage in BC is $16.75 per hour, but it will increase to $17.40 per hour on June 1, 2024.

What is minimum wage in Ontario?

$16.55 is the minimum hourly wage in Ontario which is scheduled to rise to $17.40 per hour on October 1, 2024.

When does minimum wage go up in BC?

The minimum wage will go up in BC to $17.40 per hour on June 1, 2024.

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